Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Amazing stuffs blog goes personal..(No more ads)

After tiresome work of posting ads and bored with it. I am gonna start blogging abt my personal life experiences from today. The reason why i stopped posting ads was that i earned some little amount and am happy with it. I dont want this to be an habit. I deleted all the ads too. Life is enjoyable when you dont have any habits.

My First and Last check( made within 2 months with 0% hardwork spending 15 min per day)..

I was really feeling happy to get my first and last check. spent almost fully within 2 days. Got my 512 kbps hathway connection with this money :)

My next post is abt the trip to ooty. Immediately after the first internals, we had a spark: After bunkin on small scales and sitting in theatres why not do it on large scale....So off we started to ooty. Started at 10 30 with 3 dazzling bikes and 5 persons. 1 unicorn, 1 discover and ofcourse my splendor. The trip was really amazing. We were caught by police for not having the RC book and paid him 200 bucks etc etc (do read the next post)