Monday, April 30, 2007

Frequently (or) commonly used words in college life::First Sem

In this post i am goin to list out all the words which were frequently used atleast 5 times per day(survey taken)..

1.Machan (or) Machi:

This word is atleast used atleast 10 times per day...I think this word became famous due to the Movies related to college life like Minnale etc...Thers no soul in coll who dont use this word atleast once a day except a few Nerds....


This word is used wen a friend of urs is describin abt something in which u are not interested and u want to cut the topic asap..atleast used twice per day according to my survey

3.Wat the:

Actually u need some stress on the wat part to get this exact word....this is used atleast 2 times per day...the hostelates must be using this word almost 20 times...


This word is used atleast 1 time per day....A word used to show off a lil bit....


As all of u know, this word is used atleast once per day by a common college student even a NERD....

I hope this is the list of words used by all freshers this year ....

Saturday, April 14, 2007


this is one of the best tweaks according to me as well as most of the viewers who are gonna read this out...

every one uses folder lock or something like that to hide all the files instead of the best inbuild modification available in one can view this, all u hav to do is trust me and do the following to hide files..

you are goin to disguise the folder which u hav to recycle bin..

consider this screen-shot and i want
the sivaji songs to be in such a way thatits not accesible to anyone except me

remember one thing this can be done only to folders

do the following things...

1.Go to that file and rename it as

instead of the starting a u can have anything which u want the file name to be.

2.Thus the folder's files will become in such a format that u cant access it...

3.To make it to the normal form all u hav to do is, again press F2
and type
ren sivaji.{645FF040-5081-101B-9F08-00AA002F954E} sivaji

according to me this is the best way to hide files..

back to tweaking..

Hey folks, do u know that windows XP is having a hidden "Star Wars Movie" inside it???
You should be connected to the NET for using this.
Go to Starts-->Programs-->Run
And hit enter......... Enjoy the magic!!!!