Thursday, September 27, 2007

Microsoft live search

Microsoft dispatches the beta version and tunes up the new Live Search .According to the Live Search team, the improvements cover four major areas an expanded index (reports say Live now searches 20 billion pages), faster load times, a new look and feel, and more integrated content.

The latest comScore numbers have Microsoft's search property having just 11.3% of the market -- a loss of a percentage compared to the previous month. According to Search Engine Land , Live Search actually has 70 million users per month in the US, reaching 38% of all search engine users. Their search share is just 11%, however, because most of those searchers aren't using Live Search with any regularity. 70 million users searching just a handful of times per month won't catch you up to Google, who logged 9.8 billion searches in August.

So no Search Engine can near Google...

By the way, Yahoo! is changing their algorithm click here for more details...

Monday, September 24, 2007

Anti Glare Search Engines...

Search Engines are respected by all internet users around the world. They are set as homepage by millions of users. The new problem with search engines is the exhaustion caused due to sitting for hours before the computer. To avoid this problem, new search engines are launched which claims that it can save 750 MegaWatt-hours a year...( all these search engines are powered by Google so no worries)
Some of the popular Anti Glare search engines are..



Saturday, September 15, 2007

Evolution of Google...

Back to the past lets see how Google has evolved in this post. I will try to be as brief as possible.
It was in Nov 11,1998 the day Google was born, developed by two stanford university geeks Larry page and Sergey Brin. This is the view of the so called Google! website in 1998, look at the ! at the end of Google! and this is the one and only BETA version that was released by Google. They updated the server only twice in that year.Actually they hosted the website in stanford university's server since the patentship belonged to them initially and also it was only developed as a project work by the team.At the right corner , thers a subscribe button where u get Google updates monthly once. hehe :-) now you can get it once in 5 min...
The archive button on the right lands u to the official Google! forum, it looked like this.

In 1999, they revised the server 12 times, this is the look of Google! in 1998, Google also won
the Pc magazine's award and was a damn big success. We have to submit our website to be cached in Google, now when each page is born, Google is capable to cache itself.In 1999, it was revised 12 times.But still it remained as a BETA version only.There is a huge difference in the logo, the ! is gone. The change was due to the similarity with YAHOO!. They revised the website for about 75 times during 2000.

The year 2001 is a break through for Google since in this year it was revised 600 times. Everything had changed , Google gained its popularity and was capable to search images also, the filtering option was appended during this year.
Google indexed around 1 billion pages . This made a huge success. There was also Google web directory which provided a variety of groups for surfing through Google. They also appended the News tab during this year. The year 2002 and 2003 didn't bring a huge difference to Google.They made changes in server 265 times.2004 was an amazing year for Google, coz it launched gmail ( April ) - the best public mail server in the whole world. Froogle, one of the best online market came into existence during this year. Blogger, orkut came under the copyrights of Google. Google gained its popularity due to the mail server only.
Google in 2006 appended the Video tool where we can upload and watch movies, but later it purchased youtube for $1.65 billion in October. Google has the whole control of internet. From a complex Mail server to simple bookmarks it has solution.Google Earth was also launched during this year. It wasn't a success though but gained crowd.Google is now recognized as the best company.Just type "google buys" in ur search tool bar. It proves. Now you have a search engine, mail server, social networking groups like orkut, blogger, bookmarks analytics etc etc under a single lay and thats Google..

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Extremely sorry for the game 4 in a row. Unexpectedly the server was down and i din't get any other servers..
The following game below is also one of a nice game..

Also u can refer this by pasting the foll code..

hope u like it..

Monday, September 10, 2007

Color test..

This is really nice. you have to just select the colour of the word and not the word. Its simple and fascinating, also ofcourse interesting. It gives the result in percentage.Also i am sorry for the previous post i.e the game, it didnt turn down well since there was a trouble with the server..

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Amazing Game..

This game is one of the best puzzle game which is default in linux. Its the 4 in a row. This made me addicted to linux. Especially the night stays in hostel would make me play this game several times . Its really very interesting .
Just try it once..

To play full screen: click here
The rules are simple

* This is a typical one player game.
* Try to connect 4 marbles either row aligned,coloumn aligned, diagonally aligned.
* Choose your level as tricky or easy depending on your experience
* you can choose either the player or computer to start by clicking the corresponding buttons on the left

Friday, September 7, 2007

Steve Jobs Speaks the Truth About the iPhone Price Drop

As my blogmate barbi mentioned about the iphone price slashed by 200$ . Apple lowered the price of the iPhone because it wants to make lots more money by selling them in deluge this Christmas.

In his own words
(Steve Jobs), “we have the chance to ‘go for it’ this holiday season.”

Whatever share Apple has of the people willing to spend $600 for a phone, the market of people willing to spend $400 is far bigger, and frankly the market for people willing to spend $200 is far, far bigger than that.The thought on why the price drop doesn’t mean sales have been slow. The central rule of technology is that the unit price drops sharply with volume. If Apple sold more than it hoped, then it would achieve scale faster and would be able to drop prices sooner.The actual cost of ipod 8 gb is $226.61 and that of 4 gb is $ 24 less than the former.

I hope the sale will drastically increase the sales of ipod :-) since there are many ipod lovers out there including me :) .

Saturday, September 1, 2007


There may be a full stop to GOOGLE since it doesnt yield the website based on the data it holds, It gives the result based on the number of hits i.e PAGE RANK. According to Professor Josang QUEENSLAND UNIVERSITY, "Just because a website ranks highly on a search engine doesn't mean it's a good website, in fact highly ranked websites can be malicious websites "

His perspective is to rank website not based on hits , it would be better if theres a ranking based on reputation. It may be done by a community of users , thus the website gets assured of its quality.With this system, aware users can rate such websites as malicious and as a result a phishing site will be quickly and universally recognised as dangerous, warning unsuspecting users against visiting that site.

In today's technologically advanced world of business, high ranking of a company's web page is a crucial factor for its success.This is why the control of search engines is so important and why it can be financially worthwhile for businesses to manipulate the system.He is on a research now to integrate the concept of reputation along with number of hits(PAGE RANK).

If this becomes a succes, I think GOOGLE will come to an end.