Wednesday, August 29, 2007

What would happen if a person works on MAC without knowing its functionalities?

Interested in Java apps for MOBILE??

Tired of playing games in mobile.Do u want to try some new applications?

The one below is one of the many new softwares done by innovative minds. Its done by QUBE - my senior presently doing 3rd year.Its really nice

TravelMate is a Location Based Alert mobile java application. This is a first of its kind. This is LBS (Location Based Service) that works without any GPS device or any other additional hardware. TravelMate is developed by QuBe, a freelance software developer.

  • TravelMate creates a database of network cells you log into and you can set alerts based on these stored location data.
  • It automatically logs all the Network Cells you visit along with the timestamps when you travel. So that you can view the time taken to travel from one location to another.
  • You can create alerts to remind you to change your profile to Silent when you enter Church or Hospitals.
  • You can even set up alerts to wake you up when you reach your destination and need not bother about the time delays.
  • TravelMate just provides an Location Based Alert system and it is upto you to exploit the power of the application by using it for various purposes.

For more referenece :MOBYQUBE

Saturday, August 25, 2007

when there's no GOOGLE....

Statistics show that there are about some 1o crore website governing the internet,but theres is one website dominating thats GOOGLE. Just consider a scenario when theres no GOOGLE,WIKIPEDIA and YAHOO.I love GOOGLE. I dont know the reason for my liking.Internet is ruling the world.Blogging is creating a new revolution.From shopping to learning, internet is of use. GOOGLE plays a very important role in internet.It just provides the best pages for the given queried words.

Just have a look of the pics.

This is the trend of google in the future. When there's no google
  • you wont be able to search anything in the internet coz thats the reason why google is made
  • no mailservers, online docs etc etc
  • no more orkut so no online addicts
  • no youtube. you will be missing all your favourite music and videos
  • good bye to blogspot
Whatever is success GOOGLE just buys them eg.YOUTUBE ,ORKUT and also BLOGSPOT.Thus in short, if there is no google theres no internet.What i mean is that a nice website gets unnoticed.

Thursday, August 23, 2007


you have been using GOOGLE ever since you know how to browse,you may have searched on some 1000's of keywords(meta tags). Atleast once you must have searched GOOGLE with your name.This art is called as EGOGOOGLING.The art of finding what the internet says about you is called as EGOOGLING. There are certain steps for this.for example type in google "surya is" and u get the results such as

  • Surya is essential for life
  • Surya is considered as the creator, the Brahma
  • SURYA is at the center of the spheres

look at this photo, its damn cool.GOOGLE with logo color changed in safari.Nice look.well if u want ur google logo changed here it is..
  1. type : make google logo black and white (as shown in the picture)
  2. click on " I am feeling lucky" box

hope u like it!..

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Amazing Addictive Game

Bloxorz Puzzle Game

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD IT(right click and save)

Check out this game...its really kewl...I cant take my hands from my keyboard...

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Safari VS Mozilla Firefox

Apple at last launched its one of all time favourite Safari Web browser Beta version...the review
is available in apple site itself.But i am going to write my perspective safari 3.03.

1. The new Safari is really fast.It is 2 times faster than Internet Explorer and 1.6 times than Mozilla Firefox.
(apple review).Yes it is,i tried some sites,i can really find the difference.Shreyas too claimed that GOOGLE gets loaded very fast in safari.

2.Clear type can feel the difference by enlarging the image.Safari has the best fonts.I bet there is 50% more clarity when compared to Mozilla firefox.

3.Better User Interface.The interface is good and stylish.Its nice when compared to Mozilla.
The bookmarks is better,also there is privacy.

4.Tabbed Browsing.The tabbed browsing experience has become better,we can drag and drop tabs anywhere in multiple tabs and also that we can open a new tab in another safari window.

5.Built in RSS feedback.

I tried this and its really nice compared to mozilla.i feel sorry for mozilla lovers..


Imagine being able to acesss all our important documents from any computer with an internet connection or never having an internet with the help of Microsoft Office paying 400$ and free updates when necessary.A humble browser serving all the needs thats GOOGLE.GOOGLE-started from Search engine,found its birth a decade ago,now its facing a tough battle with microsoft and one important thing to mention is that this is open source.

The working of web applications are simple: rather than running on our computer,it runs on a server.We just interact with it using our browser.We no need to update it since the browser shows the updated documents also that as it is stored in the server,we can access it in any computer any where around the world.

GOOGLE the biggest and one amazing company generating buzz for the growing collection of web applications.It includes a word processor Docs and a spreadsheet program called Spreadsheets also a calendar is available.Can this replace the 400$ worth MS OFFICE?
The answer is definitely no..perhaps an hacker hacks through GOOGLE database and performs some operations on it (or) if a google employee gains control of our information., what are we supposed to do?Also that GOOGLE has given us GUARANTEE stating that the information will be safe.It's also true that GOOGLE saves many copies of our data in various locations around the world,and that deleting would be tough task and that there will be backup available and in some way the information goes to wrong hands.

According to me,you can trust GOOGLE to store mails,documents etc....If you are working with something confidential storing in online anywhere is absolutely trouble.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Optimised search

What do we do when we want to download something like videos,music,ebooks?....wat i do actually is go through forums and download or some beginners may go for GOOGLE , the best search engine in this universe,but what do we type in the search box? .. may be your query string..theres an optimised way to search ebooks, videos and audios..just paste the required

* Find Music: -inurl:(htm|html|php) intitle:"index of" +"last modified" +"parent directory" +description +size +(wma|mp3) "In the End"

* Find Videos: -inurl:(htm|html|php) intitle:"index of" +"last modified" +"parent directory" +description +size +(mpg|wmv) "In the end"

* Find Ebooks: -inurl:(htm|html|php) intitle:"index of" +"last modified" +"parent directory" +description +size +(pdf|doc) "Harry Potter"

u may enter the query string in the place of "In the End" etc...
What it actually does is a search in which it lists out all the parent directory of files in database...


Wednesday, August 1, 2007

My Experience with Fedora

Being my first post on fedora, it describes how i got a new system and some little problems which I faced with fedora...

It was exactly a month before that exactly my entire system got ruined.It was 2 months before when i installed FEDORA CORE 7 in my computer(the next day it got released).For the first time i didn't know how to partition so my entire hard disk got formatted.I dint worry because i had nothing much more important in my hdd.Then the next problems which i faced were really many,my x driver got crashed.My mother board got ruined once when i tried to fix SD PC133 RAM in PC100 port.thats the reason for me gettin my new computer.I thought my FEDORA will work well in this system since its core2duo and 2 gb ram.

But as soon as i installed my fedora,it was really fantastic especially the beryl.It all started when i changed my Display properties.I was really jealous i changed it to 1440*1040 since mine is a 19" monitor.But now its not working anymore and i dont know how to change it.If i find a solution for this,i will surely post.