Sunday, September 21, 2008

Its been a long time since i blogged...Everything in this world is relative...The word relative is very very can use it in any kind of situations...So, how is the word relative related here????...Its easy, i was addicted(related) to movies in the recent past..i must have watched approximately 31 movies for the past 31 nights :). 2 movies were so GOOD...its the best
A WEDNESAY (HINDI, A perfect thriller)
Others were
kungfu panda
the incredible hulk
the great debaters
three kings
american history x
micheal clayton
parugu (telugu)
ready (telugu)
kantri (telugu)
saroja (tamil)
dham dhoom (tamil)
jayam kondain (tamil)

The only stupid movie is "ROCK ON". I wasted 3 hrs in the movie...Everyone liked the movie...may be i didnt understand.. Here i conclude by requesting you to watch A WEDNESDAY :)..cos the film makes all the civilians think...

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Amazing stuffs blog goes personal..(No more ads)

After tiresome work of posting ads and bored with it. I am gonna start blogging abt my personal life experiences from today. The reason why i stopped posting ads was that i earned some little amount and am happy with it. I dont want this to be an habit. I deleted all the ads too. Life is enjoyable when you dont have any habits.

My First and Last check( made within 2 months with 0% hardwork spending 15 min per day)..

I was really feeling happy to get my first and last check. spent almost fully within 2 days. Got my 512 kbps hathway connection with this money :)

My next post is abt the trip to ooty. Immediately after the first internals, we had a spark: After bunkin on small scales and sitting in theatres why not do it on large scale....So off we started to ooty. Started at 10 30 with 3 dazzling bikes and 5 persons. 1 unicorn, 1 discover and ofcourse my splendor. The trip was really amazing. We were caught by police for not having the RC book and paid him 200 bucks etc etc (do read the next post)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Heloi displays (iO2¬ technology)

The helio displays are interactive, allowing a finger or hand to move images around in the air as if one were grabbing a virtual object. it requires a power outlet, and a computer, TV, DVD or alternate video source. The current version of the Heliodisplay projects 30" diagonal images in 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratio. The Heliodisplay system is backward compatible and accepts most 2D video sources (PC, TV, DVD, HDTV, Video game consoles). For connection to a computer, the Heliodisplay uses a standard monitor VGA connection; for TV or DVD viewing, it connects using a standard RGB video cable.

Heliodisplay images are easily viewed in an office environment. Like any computer monitor or TV, images appear brighter the lower the ambient light. Also, just like viewing any computer monitor or TV, viewing a Heliodisplay image in direct sunlight is almost impossible. The image is display into two-dimensional space (i.e. planar).

Viewing requires no special glasses or background/foreground screening. Of course, with any type of display, the darker the background and lighting,the higher the contrast of the Heliodisplay images or an display on the market.

The Heliodisplay interactive is like a virtual touch screen. A hand or finger can act as a mouse for cursor control interactivity in a computer environment. No special glove or pointing device is required. Just as you use a mouse to move the cursor on a traditional computer monitor, you can use your finger to move the cursor around the Heliodisplay image. It would surely be a great experience to handle them.