Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Shockwave and Flash

I was confused between Macromedia Flash and Macromedia Shockwave.
When i searched out i found that

# they are both from the same company/manufacturer.
# they are both a platform which are used for making visual material optionally mixed with external data from the backend.
# they are both plugins for web browsers.
# they both make use for ActiveX in web browsers.

However, when I thought and thoroughly researched over it, I found a lot of differences - mainly minor ones which a joe user would not know about. So lets sort them out:

# Is much more widespread.
# More on the "looking good" side.
# Loads faster.
# Can be made with several programs.
# Is used by many designers/developers.
# Is cheaper to master (Macromedia Flash costs near $400).
# Requires you to draw each frame by hand (unless you duplicate a frame into another key-frame).
# Doesn't require much technical knowledge.
# Works in the .SWF Flash Format.
# Is on the 'simple' scripting level.

# Is not as well known as Flash.
# Requires some technical knowledge.
# Can only be created using Macromedia Director.
# Is much more expensive to master (Director costs more than $1,000).
# Has the ability to move around objects (precisely, vector images) as opposed to drawing each one in key-frames.
# Is on an advanced scripting language.
# Works in the .DCR Shockwave format.
# Can integrate Flash into its own format and not vice versa.
# Uses a type of compilation and is much more harder to decode/modify.
# Is mostly used for online games and things that require programming (as opposed to simple video clips or animations).

Friday, November 23, 2007

Vel-Movie review

* Vel

Cast: Surya, Asin, Vadivelu, Lakshmi

Direction: Hari

Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja

Production: M Chintamani
The D-day has finally arrived and with it comes Vel, one of the much-awaited movies of the festive season. Vel had everyone in the industry as well as the fans wondering whether the successful pair – Surya and Asin – could ignite the silver screen once again after their smash hit Gajini.

The movie has nothing new to offer and has all the aspects that one can expect of director Hari. It has shades of Hari’s earlier ventures all hashed up. Looks like the story has been inspired from good old movies, as its storyline is the stale twins-parted-during-childhood kind and how the family reunites, not to mention the villain somewhere out there wrecking vengeance.

As said earlier, one of the twins, played by Surya, is lost during childhood. A rich man from a village takes him under his care and brings him up, as his own son, naming him Shakthivel a.k.a Vel, who unaware of his true ancestry, grows up a village deary.
Meanwhile, heroine Asin learns about the existence of Vel and informs his twin, Vasu, a detective, who happens to live in the city with his mother. Vasu firmly believes that Vel is his brother and goes to the village to find out the truth. What ensues after this is the usual swapping of roles by the brothers to fight the villains and how the family reunites.
As usual, Surya has given his best. He looks relishing after a year long gap. Asin is her bubbly self as 7up Swathi, enjoying every bit of it. Vadivelu’s comedy is stale barring a few scenes. Music, scored by Yuvan Shankar Raja, is very average and if one expects it to bring in the crowds to the theatres, then they are in for a rude shock. Brindha and Kalyan’s choreography is very mediocre and has nothing worth mentioning. Nothing novel has been attempted by the cinematographer, Priyan, but the special effects are excellent, particularly in scenes where both the Suryas are shown together.

Vel, before the intermission drags on and on but the second half moves at a faster pace, thanks to the screenplay. But Hari could have made it even crispier.

Overall a usual predictable movie added with all the masala that the fans need for an entertainer.

Polladhavan Movie review..

Polladhavan which casts Danush ,divya ,santhanam ,murali,Daniel,balaji,bhanupriya is very said to be a realistic movie and is a real winner for its performance and style. The violence in some sequences is really undigestable but is justified while the narration of the script and parallel to this shows the ruthless life of the underworld . this is a film with hevy violence in it which makes some section of audience against it . it is a A certified film by the censor board

Nowadays the trend has changed many film makers are banking on the violence element for hits but only 30 % film pass with this . the rest are not at all well taken by the audience and they bomb at the box office .
The story

This movies opens with a gruesome fight of Dhanush with the goons .this movie revolves around the clashes of Mafia and a Middle class Boy .This is justified by the two with their own narrations.

Prabhu who’s character is played by the character danush is a young boy who lives in north chennai playing caroms on the road and living his life fully . there is also distinguish between the lifestyle of the south and north chennai people in a sequence which is very well picturised . the hero’s aim is to own an pulsar bike and must have a girl friend with a sexy figure .

Prabhu one day steals his father’s money and when is caught red handed by his father he replies to him that is was his father responsible for his irresponsible behaviour made him such . prabhu also tells that it is the parents fault when their child is grown up in a spoilt way .

Prabhu’s father with guilty arranges 70 ,000 rupees and gives it to prabhu{ dhanush } to start a business and settle in his future . but prabhu fulfills his dream of owning a bike with this money .

He also manages to woo the heroine whom he met in the bus stand . Now he is on the cloud nine as his dreams are fulfilled within a short span .

When everything seems perfect there is a twist in the story . the underworld comes into limelight . selvam is the leader .

Selvam has a person who is very much trusted by him . but this is not liked by selvam’s younger brother ravi . He develops a personnel grudge against his brother .
Meanwhile prabhus bike is stolen and in search of it prabhu goes into the pangs of the underworld . his passion has made him ner to danger as the whole underworld is against him as prabhu in order to get his stolen bike at any cost conflicts with the mafia.

His life and his parents life are in danger now and how he dela swith this is the rest of the story .

The director Vetrivaran gets his imagination very well carved on the silver screen .he narrates the evil world of mafia and this film is filled with a message at the end.

The director has done his research over the mafia very well . this can be seen on the bike thefting network and the network of the bank thefting which is shown realistically by the research behind it . The mannerism, the dialects of the mafia are very well shown on the screen .

The character of selvam is a highlight to the film . the releationship between a father and a grown up boy is well picturised .

Cameraman Velraj perfectly captured the camera sequences with perfection .
Daniel,bhavan,balaji have very well lived to their characters of the mafia.
Divya with her sexy bulging figure adds the glamour factor to the field .
Karuna adds the comic tinge to the violent script .And bhanupriya and murali act very well . they seem to live their characters than to act .

Gv Prakash has scored a good music and the music has topped the charts now. Its music adds to the success of the film .

Totally this film is a must watch film to youngsters as its message is much needed to the youngsters who go out of the good path in their teens and suffer a lot in their old age .

Totally this film is a hit but it is not for the weak heart people as it is full of violence .

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The best of optical illusions..

An optical illusion is any illusion that deceives the human visual system into perceiving something that is not present or incorrectly perceiving what is present.
Here are some of the best ones.

Firefox 3..

Firefox 3 Beta 1After a grueling Alpha development period that included no fewer than nine milestone releases, the first beta of Firefox 3 is now available for testing.

According to Mozilla developers, the Firefox 3 Beta 1 milestone fixes over 11,000 bugs and has almost 2 million lines of code changes in comparison with the current Firefox 2.x browser.

Beyond just bug fixes, Firefox 3 Beta 1 includes a long list of browsing, security, usability and performance improvements over the 2.x version of Firefox.

While Firefox 2.x includes the Google-developed Safe Browsing extension, Firefox 3 Beta 1 provides even greater protection with a one-click info button. All a user needs to do is click on the "favicon" (a 16x16 icon in the browser navigation bar that accompanies URLs) to get information on the identity and ownership of a site.

Google still in the top..

Google last month extended its already substantial lead in the search market, capturing a greater share of the traffic from distant second Yahoo, according to a study released today from online research firm Hitwise.

Google delivered 64.49 percent of all Internet searches made by U.S. users during the four weeks ending Oct. 27, up from 60.94 percent in the same period last year.

Yahoo, by comparison, trended down. Last October, Yahoo provided 22.34 percent of U.S. searches. This year, Yahoo's share fell slightly to 21.65 percent for the month, despite efforts to enhance and add features to its search.

Google gained almost a full percentage point just from September to October of this year, according to the survey. That increase correlates with the 0.9 percent drop in Yahoo's market share from the same period.

Microsoft also saw its market share decline. Last October, searches made through both and MSN Live accounted for 10.72 percent of the market. That figure dropped to 7.42 percent this year. Like Yahoo, Microsoft recently undertook efforts to roll out new a host of new functions to encourage greater use. proved the only gainer among Google's rivals. During October, accounted for 4.76 percent of all U.S. searches, representing a modest gain of less than one-half a percentage point in overall market share, the survey found.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Download of the week..

From this very moment, every week there is gonna be a special post i.e download of the week. And the download of this week is NeoTrace . NeoTrace shows you how packets get from your computer to another computer on the Internet by displaying all nodes between your computer and the trace target. Its a cool tool in which you can see the various routers and servers from where all you get the packets. It also lists you the address of the domain owners (administrators). you can also do it using the telnet applications, but the visual representation in this software is really damn good.

To Download : NeoTrace

Fedora 8 is released..

Fedora 8 is the latest release from the Fedora project and it is just packed with a slew of exciting new features. Some of the more notable features are Pulse Audio (new Linux Sound System), Codec Buddy, Online-Desktop, Compiz and Gnome 2.20. Fedora 8 also offers a new theme (unique to Fedora) and more visual treats for the desktop user. After using Fedora 7, I was really addicted to that especially a game called 4 in a row. It comes default with all linux systems. So this is the best of all the linux, Comparing to all those Windows, You come to know the process here.

The most disappointing facts about all the linux is that it doesnt have the drivers. Mostly when you are using a Graphic Card you will find out that its a big deal for installing the drivers and letting it performed in a full fledged way.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Google vs Payperpost

It seems very much from the activities of the last week that Google and Payperpost are in a very big battle. Google has continuously been updating the page rank algorithm. Ultimately many bloggers lose their pagerank from 6 to 0 in a week.The reason for this is the paid content. Bloggers are being paid for sponsored reviews which landed up in this mess. Luckily, I dont know how i escaped from this. I have a page rank of 2. One of my barcamp mate from bangalore said me that he called up Google and asked them to return his page rank and after this the Google employees said him to remove all the paid content, after doing this they gave him is page rank back. But I am not able to believe this guy. Its really difficult to talk to Google employees. Lets hope that Google returns the pagerank back to the bloggers who are the victims.

The barcamp is over..

At last the bar camp got over, it was very cool. The IIMB campus was good. It had many collectives, though some were disgusting many were very useful like FLEX and GPS related, Amith Agarwal made his presence there. He is one of the famous Indian bloggers who earns 1000$ through adsense only. Collectives such as SEO( search engine optimisation ) provided to be useless.Due to the CAT and Anna University exams many couldn't turn up. Summing up, Bar camp was very useful.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Barcamp Bangalore '5'

Barcamp is back again, the much awaited gathering of all the bloggers and techno geeks coming from all possible places.
Barcamp 5
What is barcamp?? Ans:- Click Here

When is it?? Ans :- Nov 17th to 18 th, 2007.

What about the Venue?? Ans:- IIMB

How do I register?? Ans:- Click here

So interested in knowing more?? Ans:- Click here

Where is IIMB?? Ans:-

I am very happy that my exams will be over by November 14 th and will make my presence there.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Gmail to get its updates soon..

I was checking my mail today as usual, but i found something interesting. Its the , So i i quickly stumbled through the Gmail's Official blog.

Google has said it is starting to upgrade the underlying application code of its Gmail service to prepare for adding additional functionality never envisaged when it was first launched in 2004.

Gmail engineer Dan Pupius made reference to the roll out of the upgrade in a company blog. "In the past three and a half years we have launched a number of cool features," he said.

Pupius said the they are making updates so that the speed will be increased, "profiling all parts of the application, shaving milliseconds off wherever we can and figuring out workarounds for some pretty deep-rooted issues with the current browser implementations."

For more details: click here to move to the Gmail's Official blog

Thursday, November 1, 2007

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